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Fraser Valley Bahá'í School

20-23 July, 2017

Camp Whonnock (Map)
27660 Dewdney Trunk Rd
Maple Ridge, BC

Keynote Speaker: Erica Touissant Thompson

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For questions please contact us at:

Dear Friends, this school has reached its maximum capacity of people that can register, therefore online registration has been closed.

We have implemented a waiting list system for people that would like to be contacted in case there are any late cancellations by the people who have registered.

Please email us at with the details (Name, phone, email, age if less than 15 years old, home town, specific days attending) of the people that you'd like to include on the waiting list.

As an alternative, please consider registering for the Vancouver Island or the Thompson Nicola Schools.

Camp Whonnock Camp Rules

DRUGS. ALCOHOL & TOBACCO: Use of alcohol or any narcotic drug will not be permitted on site at any time. Smoking only in DESIGNATED area. The rest of the camp is non-smoking. All buildings are non-smoking.

PETS: Pets are not allowed anywhere at camp. Please do not bring your pets. Cars get very hot in the summer.

MEMORABILIA: No unauthorized items are to hung, placed or attached on walls, ceilings or rafters in any buildings without permission. No nails, tacks or staples are to be used on buildings (inside or out) or on any trees at camp.

CARS, RV'S, CAMPERS & TRAILERS: No campers, RV's or trailers on site without permission. Parking for cars & small trucks in designated parking areas only. Roadways must be kept clear for emergency vehicles at all times, thus no parking in front of gates whether they are open or closed. Speed limit is 10 kilometers per hour. No motorcycles, quads or all-terrain vehicles at camp.

SWIMMING REGULATION: Qualified Lifeguard in attendance for all water events (Provided by the Group). Personal flotation devices must be worn at all times when boating. One adult per child if very young or children who can't swim.

CABINS: Cabins are not playhouses, they are for sleeping in. No rocks or sticks allowed in cabins. No one under six years old is allowed to be on upper bunk. No oversized mattresses allowed on upper bunk (<40") . Ladder must be used when going up or down a bunk. Only one person is allowed on top bunk at a time. It is not safe to play underneath a bunk. Nothing is to be tied to the bed, such as cords, sashes or ropes. Large toys or other objects, such as items with cords must not be kept in the bed. Open cabin windows first thing in the morning to rid the cabin of overnight breath moisture. Turn off cabin lights during the day. No heaters allowed in cabins.

GENERAL CAMP GUIDELINES: Leaders are responsible for the health, safety & conduct of their camps. Groups are responsible for your own First Aid Person & First Aid kit. Any Injury or incident that occurs at camp must be reported to the Camp Ranger ASAP & an incident Report filled out. Across the street there is in excess of 10,000 hectares of woods, hence the possibility of animals being drawn into camp by poor food & garbage practices. Do not keep food in cabins or tents. Firewood is provided. Trees must not be cut on or off the property. Fires only at designated campfire sites. Ensure that there is at least one bucket full of water & shovel on hand when using campfire sites. When practicing making campfires, do not build them on shelter concrete floor. Campfires must be attended by a responsible person at all times. NO chopping of wood on deck of lodge. Be cautious with outdoor cooking fires. During hot dry weather Fire Restrictions will be applied; you may be required to use camp stoves only. Do not pick or destroy vegetation. Camp lanterns, stoves and heaters are not to be used in any cabins or tents. Drinking water must be obtained from designated source of supply only. Surface water & streams are UNSAFE. Personal washing and washing of dishes must be done at the campsite or designated area, not at the water taps. Hot water plus disinfectant must be used for dishes. Raiding of other tents, huts, lodges or campsites is forbidden. No throwing of stones. Flagging tape and all game markers must be removed on completion of activity. Firearms, fireworks & sling shots are not allowed in camp. Bull Horns are not to be used anywhere at camp. Do not drag stacks of chairs; there is a dolly to help move them. Turn on kitchen exhaust fan whenever stove, grill or ovens are being used. Turn off main floor bathroom fans after 10 pm. Do not leave doors open; you are only inviting mice into the building, plus you are defeating the AC. If doors are found open, the AC will be turned off and you could be looking at a rodent control bill. Do not leave kitchen pass-thru to deck open after dusk. Do not climb on deck or stairs' railings.

OUT OF BOUNDS: Roadways, streambeds, Ranger residence & private property located outside of camp boundary. Out of respect for our neighbours, all noise must cease by 11:00 p.m.